Day 1: My Basketball Journey with Homegrown Basketball Australia – Kenneth Villalon’s Experience in the Philippines

Hey I’m Kenneth Villalon from Homegrown Basketball Australia. My basketball dream is to play professional basketball in Australia or back at home in the Philippines.

My journey with basketball has been a good yet bumpy one. For someone who didn’t know where to take and continue basketball, I was playing in local competitions in Western Sydney called WSBA back in my home court Kevin Betts. I then came across an opportunity for young Filipinos to showcase basketball talents through the Homegrown Basketball payhway through the SM NBTC Global Games competition.

My older brother had also been fortunate enough to be part of the program 2 years in a row back in 2018-2019. After 3 years hiatus, NBTC pathway finally came back after all the COVID Pandemic. I am glad that I too now have the opportunity to do what my brother did.

I wanna thank Coach Rey and the Homegrown team for believing in me and suggesting to join the NBTC Global Games competition trials which made me take that step and start to know what level I wanna take my basketball to.

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