Day 5 – Chasing my Dreams with Homegrown Basketball: A Journey of Ups and Downs by Elijah Gacis

Hey guys, my name is Elijah Gacis of HGBA. My dreams within basketball is to go as far as I possibly can, whether that be professionally in the Phils, Australia or anywhere else where I am given the opportunity. Im 17 years old and have been playing and growing up with ball practically since birth. A big reason for my love for the game would be my dad and the name which he made for himself, it has really inspired me to go out and do the same but make my own name like I’m Creed.

Throughout my basketball journey, I’ve been fortunate to be part of several programs and representative clubs such as Blacktown and Penrith. I’ve had many ups as well as many downs, through my time playing I always felt as I was overlooked and a lot of people didn’t believe in my ability to play. I am beyond grateful to Homegrown for being one of the people/organisations which put their faith in me and given me the opportunity to prove myself and my worth, better yet on an international level.

My biggest achievement in basketball, would be the people who I have met throughout my time playing, as they are the ones who have kept me going through their continual belief and support in me and my abilities.

I would like to thank Coach Rey and the team at Homegrown for putting faith in me and believing in me as well as my parents who continually support and believe in me and my ability throughout my whole life. Love ❤️

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