Day 6 – Representing Homegrown Australia in the NBTC League: A Journey of Passion, Perseverance, and Gratitude – Luis Peralta’s Story

My name is Luis Peralta. I am one of just 12 players representing Homegrown Australia in the NBTC League and am honoured to say that I am the captain of this team. My basketball journey started when I was a kid playing local competitions because I had already fell in love with the game. That love has led to so many experiences that I’ll always cherish such as playing high school basketball, representative basketball, winning the metro junior league and state championship, representing the state of NSW and in the present day, representing Australia in the NBTC League. All of this whilst meeting some amazing people along the way.

Not to say that the journey has been all sunshine and rainbows as the COVID-19 pandemic took away the chance to play in this very competition and it was also during this pandemic as well as throughout the last year that I was starting to disconnect myself mentally and lose the passion and drive that I once had. However, representing Homegrown Australia has not only provided me personally with a once in a lifetime opportunity to play basketball overseas in such a prestigious competition and showcase my ability but also get back to playing competitively and reconnect with the drive and passion for the game that led me to fall in love with game years ago, and that’s something I’ll always remember.

I wanted to say a massive thank you to Homegrown Australia and the people involved in creating an opportunity like this, thank you to all the people, friends, families that are supporting us in our journeys and thank you to the coaches and teammates that I’ve been blessed to share these experiences with.

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