Homegrown Basketball Australia games will follow FIBA Rules except for the following:

Team Roster

Eligible Players

Only players that are listed on the team roster will be eligible to play for that team.  Approval is required if a team wishes to add a player.

To add/remove a player, email is required to be sent to registration@homegrownbasketball.com.au 3 days prior to game day.

If the players name is not on the sign on sheet on game day, they are ineligible to play.

Multiple Divisions

This clause permits players to play in multiple divisions on the proviso that the following conditions are met:

  • Each team is restricted to only have two (2) players from another division higher than the division they are in.
  • The players will be ineligible to participate in the all-star festivities for the lower division they are playing in.
  • The players will be ineligible to be recipients of individual honours for that particular division.
  • The player is only allowed to play a maximum of 2 teams.
  • Should the team be promoted mid-season, the player will need to choose which team they will be playing for.

Players that wish to play in multiple divisions are required to inform the WSBA Committee.  Failure to inform the committee will result in the player being ineligible to play in 2 divisions and the game will be deemed a forfeit. Each request is on a case by case basis and required to be approved by the WSBA Committee.

Minimum Players

If a team do not have the minimum player requirements (4 registered players) available to play on game day, they are eligible to have a player play as a ‘fill-in’ that is not on their roster to have the minimum requirements and will require the opposing team to approve.  If registered players turn up after the game has commenced, the ‘fill-in’ will need to sub-out and will be unable to participate in the game from that point.

In Game Time and Rules

Premier, Open Division, Division 40+ & Mixed Competition

  • 4x Ten Minute Quarters.
  • 2 minutes break at half time, and 1 minute between the quarters.
  • No Overtime, except in the Playoffs, where an extra 3 minute time period will be take place.
  • 2x Time Out per team per half (Time Outs are 1 minute in duration).  1 extra time out during overtime in the playoffs, where applicable.
  • The clock will stop on every whistle and on made baskets in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.
  • A jump-ball will start of a match with the alternating possession to take place commencing each quarter and jump ball situation.

Mixed Competition Only

  • At least 2 female players per team are to be on the court at any given time.
  • Male players are restricted from blocking or stealing the ball from female players whilst dribbling.

Before the Game

  • All Players must be signed into Stattracker at least 5 minutes before the start of the game, with the starting 5 clearly designated.
  • No Unregistered players will be allowed to take the court due to insurance policy.

In game substitution

  • All in game substitutions must go through the scorers’ bench, and indicating which player(s) will be coming out, and which players going in, by Player Number.

Game commencement

  • The game will commence at the appointed time.
  • A minimum of 4 registered players in a team are required to start the game.
  • If a team does not have 4, then the opposition will receive 2 points every minute, up to a maximum of 18 points.
  • If the 4th player has not arrived by the end of the 1st Quarter, the game will be considered a forfeit, with an 18-0 score-line .
  • Timeouts cannot be called until the 4th player has arrived.
  • Team need to vacate the court/players bench area at least 5 minutes before the next allotted game.
  • A maximum of 5 players per team is allowed on the court during game play. Violation subject to technical foul at referees’ discretion.
  • Should a team anticipate to be unable to suit 5 players, “fill in” players from lower divisions can be requested from committee. This will not be approved any later than the eve of game day.

On Court Behavior

  • Only the Captain and/or Coach will be permitted to query the referee’s during the game’s allotted time, and in a polite and non-confrontational manner.
  • All activity must adhere to Homegrown Basketball Australia’s Code of Conduct.
  • No Swearing at Referees’, or player, no bullying, no plays designed to injure the player.

Ladder Points

During the regular season, teams will accumulate Ladder Points that will determine their standings.  They are as follows:

  • 3 Points will go towards the team Ladder Points for every win
  • 1 Point will go towards the team Ladder Points for every draw

Double Point Round

A nominated round during the season will be a Double Point Round.  This is where the points towards the team Ladder Points will be double.  They are as follows:

  • 6 Points will go towards the team Ladder Points for a win
  • 2 Points will go towards the team Ladder Points for a draw

Teams that have a bye on the nominated round will have their opportunity on the following round.  That team will only be eligible for double points.  Their opponents will  be eligible only for normal points.

Playoff Qualification


  • Top 4 teams of each division will qualify for the playoffs.
  • If a tie occurs on Ladder Points the follow will occur to determine who qualifies:
    • Team with better for and against will proceed.
    • If the for and against is still tied then teams head to head record will be taken into consideration.
  • The semi-finals will be a two-loss format finals series. The first and second seed teams will have a second chance in the first week of the playoffs. In the first week, the first seed team will play against the second seed team and the third seed team will play against the fourth seed team. If either of the top two seeds lose in the first week, they will get another chance to advance to the finals in the second week.  The format is as follows:
    • Week 1
      • Qualifying Finals – #1 Seed vs #2 Seed
      • 1st Round Elimination – #3 Seed vs #4 Seed
    • Week 2
      • Elimination Finals – Loser of QF vs Winner of 1st RE
    • Week 3
      • Grand Final – Winner of QF vs Winner of EF


  • A player is required to have played a minimum of 5 games during the regular season to be eligible to play in the playoffs


  • All team members must be correctly uniformed before taking the court.
  • All singlets must be numbered front and back with the same colour numbers contrasting to the dominant uniform colour.
  • The numbers permitted are 0-99 and must reflect the number on the nomination form. Any changes should be provided to Homegrown Basketball Australia by COB Friday prior to game day.
  • Each team is required to wear matching singlets.
  • Compression garments, (e.g. Skins) are permitted.
  • In the interest of safety, shorts with pockets are NOT permitted. Homegrown Basketball Australia staff are authorised to interpret this rule in the interest of safety.
  • A penalty for players breaching any of these rules of 5 (five) points per player to a maximum of 20 (twenty) points per team will be posted on the scoreboard before the game starts.  Players that come in later that are not in uniform, the points will be applied once they step on the court.
  • Teams have 4 weeks (by round 4) from the commencement of the competition to comply with uniform requirements. Teams are required to contact the Homegrown Basketball Australia office to request an extension. Proof that uniforms have been ordered will be required.
  • In case of a clash with team uniform colour, the first named team on the scoresheet must either provide an alternate coloured uniform or use alternate bib set provided by the Association. This must be coordinated prior to the start of the game with Homegrown Basketball Australia staff.
  • To ensure safety, fingernails must be kept short or the offender will be directed to cut them, to the official’s satisfaction. Gloves and taping are not permitted.

The following are NOT permitted:

  • Finger, hand, wrist, elbow or forearm guards, casts or braces made of leather, plastic, pliable (soft) plastic, metal or any other hard substance, even if covered with soft padding.
  • Objects that could cut or cause abrasions (fingernails must be closely cut).
  • Headgear, hair accessories and jewellery.

The following ARE permitted:

  • Shoulder, upper arm, thigh or lower leg protective equipment if the material is sufficiently padded.
  • Knee braces if they are properly covered.
  • Protector for an injured nose, even if made of a hard material.
  • Spectacles, if they do not pose a danger to other players.
  • Headbands, maximum five (5) cm in width, made of non-abrasive, unicolour cloth, pliable plastic or rubber


  • To notify of an impending forfeit teams must give written or verbal advice to Homegrown Basketball Australia (phone or email no later than Wednesday prior to game day) as we endeavor to reschedule the game.
  • Failure to comply and/or non-agreement to reschedule the match between teams will lead to:
    • The forfeiting team is penalised a $150 fee.
    • All fines must be paid before a forfeiting team’s next scheduled game. Failure to pay will result in a suspension of the team until all fines have been paid in full.
    • Game results showing a 20 (twenty) to 0 (zero) point loss in favour of non-forfeiting teams and further penalties imposed
    • The forfeiting team will be penalised three (3) competition points
  • To appeal a forfeit a team must lodge a written objection and payment of the forfeit fine before their next scheduled game. The forfeit fine will be returned if the appeal is upheld.
  • After 2nd un-notified or 3rd notified forfeit a team can be removed from the competition without refund.

Divisional Moves

It should be noted that Homegrown Basketball Australia has established a policy that allows the organization to move a team up or down a division based on their prior competition standings and overall performance. While Homegrown Basketball Australia values the input and cooperation of its participating teams, the organization retains the right to implement this policy at its discretion, without requiring explicit permission from the teams involved.

This policy has been put in place to ensure that the league is conducted in a manner that promotes fairness and competitiveness, in line with established principles of good sportsmanship. Homegrown Basketball Australia recognizes its responsibility to manage the league in the best interests of all participants, and as such, will continue to make decisions that prioritize the integrity and competitiveness of the league.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.