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[TBA] – team nomination, player and team statistics management, player insurance coverage, and court fees for all league games, including the round robin and finals series (if applicable). For more information on the uniform design, teams may contact the organizers.

The winning team will receive a prizemoney of $[TBD].

This comprehensive fee provides teams with a full range of support, including insurance coverage to help them compete and succeed in the league.

OPENS DIVISION 1 to 6, 40+ & Masters (50+) DIVISION
$1,900 – team nomination, player insurance coverage, player and team statistics management, full game footage broadcast, game recap summaries of select games, and court fees for all league games, including the round robin and finals series (if applicable).

Please note that the fee is based on a team of 10 players. Teams with more than 10 players will incur an additional charge of $50 per player.

This all-inclusive fee provides comprehensive support for your team throughout the league season.


Individual player registration is mandatory for all players wishing to participate in any leagues managed by Homegrown Basketball Australia Pty Ltd. Player registration is free of charge and will ensure players are covered for insurance and other necessary requirements.

Providing player details during registration is crucial for the effective management and administration of the league.  To register as a player click here 


A deposit of $800 is required to be paid prior to the start of the season.  The remaining balance is due by the 4th round of the season.  

A discount of $100 will be given if full payment is made before the start of the season.

We accept the following payments

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card


Team Captain

You will be our point of contact for the whole team. Any issues related to your team will be your responsibility. This includes team fees.

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Trial Game

If you are a new to WSBA, we will require for you to have trial games.

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