WSBA Covid19 Safe Plan

Shayne Hail
WSBA Bio Security Officer


Find below our COVID plan to try and keep our competition COVID free.

In General

  • You are not to attend games if:
    • You are feeling unwell
    • Have been to any of the hot spots in NSW and VIC
  • Temperature checks shall be conducted before entering the premise. Anyone who has a fever shall be advised to go to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • No spectators are allowed in the stadium. Only player are permitted to enter
  • No more than 10 players are to be on the court
  • Maximum of 2 people are to be on the scorers bench at a time
  • Maximum of 3 referees are to be on each court
  • Jump ball at start of game to still go ahead, as this will be when players are the least sweaty and minimal risk, but outside players to step back further from the Jump ball circle.
  • Clean the ball with anti-bacterial wipes before the game commences, at the End of quarter and also Halftime.
  • Floor Wipers are to use the Floor mops and not have Towels when they will have to be on their hands and knees cleaning up the sweat.
  • Players are only to remove their mouthguards when on the team bench and also must sanitise hands after doing so and also before re-entering the game (If this occurs on court players need to be subbed out of the game straight away).
  • Players who are noticeably unwell coughing etc, stop the game and speak to the Biosecurity officer at the venue to handle.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be placed on the entrance & score table
  • Hand Sanitiser to be used in between all quarter and also Halftime and Time Outs.
  • Towels, bottles and also whistle’s are not to be left on the Score Table at any time.
  • No handshaking, fist bumps etc by the players or the referee’s.
  • Spitting in the bins (To spit into a tissue, dispose of in a lidded bin and then sanitise hands). Spitting is discouraged during the game.
  • Spitting on another player – If a player is spat on please follow the current Blood Rules around the uniform being cleaned before re-entering the games. If a player spits on another player they should be immediately removed from the game and a report written up and forwarded to WSBA Committee – This is a serious offence and this may also be considered to be assault.

Our Referees

  • Referee’s to change whistles between each quarter, Sanitise with Hot water between Halftime and the end of games.
  • Referee’s to try and use a dominant hand for handling the ball and the other for their whistle. Also referees are encouraged to only use their voices when calling teams back onto the floor following time outs and quarter time intervals. Also any obvious out of bounds calls we are encouraging referee’s not to blow the whistle or handle the ball, but to use voice for direction of play and restarting the game.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  For more information visit