Pathway to the Philippines

A partnership between WSBA and National Basketball Training Centre (NBTC)

About the program

There is no training program like this in Australia. We have the exclusive rights to send Filipinos in Australia to Philippines through NBTC.

We recently sent a team from Sydney to compete in the nations (Philippines) High School Championship.

After the tournament, 3 players were offered high school and college scholarships in the Philippines.

Due to the success of the tour, we’ve received exclusive partnership with NBTC to send teams to the Philippines to play in the tournament every year.

This tournament is watched by thousands of scouts from different schools and colleges. This program will give kids the opportunity to reach their dreams of playing basketball professional overseas.

Our training program is like no other

Professional trainers & coaches to help improve your game

Our tours have been successful with many players already scouted by overseas teams

OneSol AustPinoy Team that competed in the Philippines in the NBTC Tournament 2017


Contact us about this unique program today and find out more on how to be part of something that can provide an opportunity to play basketball overseas.

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